January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs with his mouth called "fat pier" the iPhone stood on the stage in San Francisco Moscone Convention Center, at that hour, completely out of the iPhone turned out physical keyboard. At that time Steve Jobs said that this product ahead of other mobile phone 5 years.

In the same year on June 29, the first generation iPhone officially on sale. This day has passed for ten years.When we stand in the moment and time to look back, the first generation of iPhone neither 3G network, there is no AppStore, to know when the "big screen iPod" is its main selling point. But it did not affect a large number of people fascinated by it and crazy.

This decade, some people say that Apple has changed the world, because Apple let them feel the advanced technology; also said that Apple's share price so that some people become a millionaire.

Of course, some people will ask, Apple's next decade will be how? When Steve Jobs's aura gradually fade away, when the controversy is increasing, when the artificial intelligence to replace the mobile Internet big step, Apple's future is "magic still", or can only leave a sigh?

Legendary iPhone changed what

IPhone makes the network connection more convenient, people began to use mobile phone news, download music and video, landing social networks. Global users use the monthly traffic bursts of explosive growth, throwing voice calls several streets.

The first generation iPhone release and no AppStore. Perhaps the people who would experience the iPhone at the scene would not have thought that the iPhone could spawn a new industry - application development.

After ten years of development, now we can do anything with App, set the ticket, set the hotel, payment, songs, watching movies ... ...

Before the advent of the iPhone, we want to install a software to the phone, you must go through a complex process.

IPhone transforms photography from interest into part of everyday life. Smart phones and application stores in all kinds of P-map software, so that photography becomes "cordial" up, without complex equipment and technology, everyone can do photographers. With the emergence of social media, but also to the user to take pictures of the reasons. It is expected that by the end of 2017, iPhone photographs accounted for 85% of the total number of digital photos worldwide.

The App on the iPhone changed the way people work. 90 years of the Internet boom gave birth to the "on-demand work" boom, somewhat similar to the freelance, job needs and supply are flexible, have work at work, no work on the idle.

But then the number of on-demand work is not so stable until the popularity of GPS chips, Uber such "on-demand scheduling platform App" appears, only to "work on demand" work more and more common. There are currently about 4 million job-seekers in the United States and are expected to double in the next four years.

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